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No problem! All of our services are available without using the others.

Managers and Supervisors spend an enormous amount of time trying to coordinate turn schedules and making emergency adjustments to them. Our processes handle the bulk of this for you by centralizing what matters and our ability to communicate internally between all of the different services.

There are other companies out there that have tried to offer many different services but what we have found is that they tend to overlook the need for people to be specialized in the service they provide. In our model, each technician performing the work is specialized in that work, their manager is specialized in managing that work, and the local owner is dedicated to them all being specialized in that work.

Not at all! One simple call to our Service Center is all you need to do.

Just contact our Service Center and we will coordinate the changes for each service and confirm back with a full new schedule.

No, each service is submitted as a separate invoice to ensure it is easily allocated on your budget and to account for different purchase order numbers.

Yes and No. If we are going to have an ongoing relationship its common practice to enter into an agreement. However, our agreement doesn’t obligate you to use Refresh if you choose not to at any time. For more information please speak with a representative.

This question is better suited for your company supervisor/manager. We can accept the same PO for everything, but many management companies may not want you to issue PO’s this way. In the event you are using one PO for all services, the invoices will still be submitted separately from us but will have the same PO listed.

At this time Refresh only offers Painting, Refinishing, Janitorial and Refinishing services. Please check back with us in the future though as our offerings are expected.

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