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Carpet Cleaning is one area that can save apartment communities enormously on budgets! Having a company with the knowledge and best equipment will do wonders on your carpet replacement budget. All Refresh carpet technicians are highly skilled and earn certifications in carpet cleaning, stain removal, repair and even spot dying. Combine those skills with our powerful truckmounts and our Rotovac 360xl cleaning wands and you end up with a replacement budget that earns you special attention from your company leadership!

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Having the right carpet cleaning partner can help a great deal on your overall replacement budget. The normal life expectancy of an apartment carpet is five years but with the right partner you can often extend this out a couple more years. Each new year added to that average life expectancy adds up big time on your budget!


Refresh offers single service or regular flooring maintenance plans to keep those common areas and hallways looking spotless. After all, first impressions for prospective residents can make all the difference in the world when leasing! Not to mention the maintenance of your floors can drastically increase the life of them.


Grout lines build up dirt very quickly and can really drag down the appearance of the tile work on your property. Our certified Technicians can bring back that new look of tile flooring and seal those grout lines so they last longer before needing service again.


Just like anything else on your property, those sofas and chairs in your leasing office get dirty. From a simple coffee spill to a full property wide furniture project, we can help. Using our powerful truck mounted cleaning equipment, we can restore your upholstery to its original beauty.


Exotic spices, smokers and pets are just a few things that present major odor challenges to property managers. Refresh is well equipped and well trained in all the latest options to help in these areas. If you think you’ve tried everything and still have an odor in a unit, reach out because we can probably help.


Oh no, a water line popped, or a residents dishwasher overflowed! These are not fun situations for property managers to deal with but luckily Refresh offers 24/7 response to get them extracted quickly. Water left unaddressed can cause an enormous amount of damage and possibly lead to unwelcomed growth. That’s why we are here for you day and night to help!


Cigarette burns, pet damages, ripples and failing seams oh my! Our Technicians are experts when it comes to carpet repairs. Before you replace a carpet due to damages, have a Refresh Supervisor or Technician come take a look at it. It might surprise you what we can actually fix in these situations.

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Refresh fully understands the multi-family industry and is dedicated to offering viable solutions in this space. Partnering with us is a true game changer for Managers and Maintenance Supervisors alike.