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Our Refresh Refinishing aspect specializes in the refinishing, re-glazing or restoration of bathtubs, countertops and other like fixtures. We use our own Refresh Ultimate coating system on all refinishing projects. Ultimate is exclusive to us and is a shining example of the things we do to improve every space we work in. The Ultimate system carries a B5 rating by ATSM. That’s the highest rating offered for coatings in this category! It’s shine and durability will impress your sense of style and your pocketbook! Our refinishing services can increase lease rates and will save you money with our 5 year warranty.

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Bathtub and wall refinishing is at the core of the Refresh service offerings. This service was the founding service offered by the company and has been perfected to place Refresh as an industry leader in this area. Our tub reglazing/refinishing services are incredibly durable and if installed & cared for properly, should hold its shine for the lifetime of the product!


Our countertop refinishing gives properties that natural stone look but without the natural stone price tag! This is a fantastic option for properties to inexpensively update the look and feel of their units well increasing lease rates.


If you have a rusted, cracked or damaged bathtub, we highly encourage you to have us take a look before spending the funds to replace. Refresh technicians can often work miracles with our advanced repair techniques. Even large holes in a surface can very often be repaired at a minimal cost!


Ultimate is one aspect that speaks volumes to our dedication to innovate in our service offerings! Our Ultimate Coating System was developed exclusively for Refresh Refinishing. This product lasts for a very long time, looks amazing and extends the life of your surfaces drastically!


Our Earth Texture coatings are used in conjunction with our Ultimate clear coat giving a modern look to dated surfaces. These coatings are usually applied to countertops and wall tile but we have seen them used in a number of creative ways to update units. Set up an appointment with us to review color samples!

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Refresh fully understands the multi-family industry and is dedicated to offering viable solutions in this space. Partnering with us is a true game changer for Managers and Maintenance Supervisors alike.