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Skilled painters can be very difficult to source for your property. With Refresh Painting we have you covered. We ensure every painter we assign to your property is internally certified by Refresh and has passed our rigorous testing. From a simple touch up in one of your units to a serious wall repair, our painters have the skills you need.

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Selecting the wrong painters or trying to do this service in house can really slow down the process of getting a unit market ready. Refresh understands the importance of getting this done quickly but without sacrificing on the quality of the paint job. We all know every day that unit sits vacant, is another day it is not generating rent for the property!


Common areas speak volumes to current and potential residents! Having a quality paint job in all of your common areas can help with both lease and retention rates on your property. We always put that little extra love into these projects because we understand this and how important they are to you.


We have all seen a bad repair and boy do they downgrade the feel of a unit quickly! We focus very heavily on training our Painting Technicians in this area to ensure our repairs are invisible. Our Texture Matching training certificate is just one of many ways we stand out when it comes to wall repairs.

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Refresh fully understands the multi-family industry and is dedicated to offering viable solutions in this space. Partnering with us is a true game changer for Managers and Maintenance Supervisors alike.