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Refresh offers the primary services needed to quickly and efficiently turn an apartment home for the next resident. All of our service providers are trained and certified in their area of expertise to ensure you always receive skilled professionals. Combine these services and experience and revolution in your apartment turns! Currently Refresh offers Refinishing, Carpet Cleaning, Janitorial and Painting services in both units and common areas.

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Refinishing ServiceWhy Replace, When You Can Refresh!

Our Refresh Refinishing aspect specializes in the refinishing, re-glazing or restoration of bathtubs, countertops and other like fixtures. We use our own Refresh Ultimate coating system on all refinishing projects. Ultimate is exclusive to us and is a shining example of the things we do to improve every space we work in. The Ultimate system carries a B5 rating by ATSM. That’s the highest rating offered for coatings in this category! It’s shine and durability are simply amazing. Our refinishing services can increase lease rates and will save you money with our 5 year warranty.

Painting ServiceRevitalize & Refresh Your Surroundings!

Skilled painters can be very difficult to source for your property. With Refresh Painting we have you covered. We ensure every painter we assign to your property is internally certified by Refresh and has passed our rigorous testing. From a simple touch up in one of your units to a serious wall repair, our painters have the skills you need.

Janitorial ServiceThe Refreshing Clean!

From unit turns or common area cleaning and porter services, Refresh Janitorial is ready to spring into action. Like all of our other service offerings, our cleaners are required to gain certification in areas of expertise and are highly skilled. Our unique video walk throughs for common areas and checklists for turn cleanings, both hosted in our custom operating system, ensures you get the same quality clean every time.

Carpet CleaningRefreshingly Clean Carpets!

Carpet Cleaning is one area that can save apartment communities enormously on budgets! Having a company with the knowledge and best equipment will do wonders on your carpet replacement budget. All Refresh carpet technicians are highly skilled and earn certifications in carpet cleaning, stain removal, repair and even spot dying. Combine those skills with our powerful truckmounts and our Rotovac 360xl cleaning wands and you end up with a replacement budget that earns you special attention from your company leadership!