Service Center

Service Center

The Refresh business model was specifically designed to streamline and centralize all of the aspects property management companies demand but without losing the attention to detail and personal unit level relationships small service businesses offer. Our Service Center, located in Akron Ohio, helps support our clients and franchise owners in a number of different ways. This gives all of our clients one point of contact for all of their needs, so they don’t waste time or energy trying to reach the right person. Customers can contact us here to inquire about billing, schedule new appointments or to simply get in touch with the appropriate person across our entire service area. We are here to help in any way we can.

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Customer Portals

Customer Portals

With our multi-level customer portals, we ensure you can access what you need in an efficient and easy way. Like everything here at Refresh, these were designed with you in mind. Some of the things you can do is access the entire service history for any unit! Yes, you read that correctly, all work we performed is organized neatly under each individual unit on your property! You can also use the unit number to easily search for it. Can’t remember the unit number? No problem,  search our records by the PO number used to schedule the work.

Portal Functions

Research Work History

Check Work Status

Schedule New Work

Pay Invoices

Portal Access Levels

Property Level  

This level is the most common for Property Managers and Maintenance Supervisors. They have access only to the property they are assigned and will usually use the portal to schedule new work, access unit history or check the status of ongoing work.

Regional Level

This is usually used by Regional Property Managers and they can access all of the properties that have been assigned to them. This is an excellent resource for them to keep an eye on property level spending or to use when they have to fill in for a Property Manager onsite.

Corporate Level

This is the whole enchilada! This level is very useful for your Account Payable department as they are usually the ones issuing the payment for services. They can access your entire national portfolio from here and easily submit ACH payments for invoices. This level is also very handy for ownership and company partners for many reasons.

Loyalty Program

Loyalty Benefits

Coming Soon

We offer a customer loyalty program that rewards our clients for supporting us! Properties earn points on all spending with us and can cash these points in for discounts on future services. This is just our little way of saying thank you for supporting our company. For more information about our loyalty program please contact us.

Refresh Pricing

Individual Property Pricing

Refresh offers Individual Property Level pricing designed to be competitive in each area we service. We understand the property management world and the importance of staying within budget parameters. Prices are standardized and transparent ensuring you receive accurate invoices for your property.

Regional Pricing *Most Common

We have dedicated Relationship Managers (RM) available in each region to work with property management companies when establishing uniformed custom pricing for all properties within a specific region. These RM’s make the bidding process very simple and pricing is usually calculated using the portfolio size in the region.

National Account Pricing

Our leadership and/or National Sales Director takes a hands-on approach to outlining National Account Agreements. These agreements apply to large national portfolios and are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for more information on these.

Refresh Billing

Extended Billing Terms

Refresh offers 30 Net extended billing terms to most apartment communities upon approval of a credit application.

ROS Accounts Payables Portal

Our ROS system offers three primary levels of user access depending on your role within the management company. The Accounts Payable level was designed specifically for your Accounts Payable Department to simplify their jobs. This level of access allows them to view ALL properties within the portfolio, view invoices, search by PO or Unit number and simply issue payment via ACH transfer. This ensures both companies are always on the same page and drastically cuts down the amount of unnecessary time wasted on calls, writing emails or issuing checks.